My Story

My Story

My Story

In my thirties I was recognized by different people as a carrier of divine light. Some even mentioned they saw God with me. At that moment I didn’t know what was meant by that. I did remember as a child when my mum organized new year’s ceremonies, my heart expanded with so much Love & Light, that I got so emotional and wanted to hug everybody. I felt blessed. But leading a normal teenage and adult life these experiences seemed to fade away. At some point, I realized I couldn’t do my job as a researcher and investment analyst anymore. I simply spread my arms and asked God: ‘Please, let me do on Earth what I am here to do.’

Within two weeks, my life changed drastically. Doors of the divine opened for me in various ways. I realized I knew things which I had never thought about in this life. I started to give ascension classes, opened a spiritual store to help those in need and discovered so many things about God and myself; like I was ordained to give blessings and initiations. Some had incredible experiences, like feeling God’s presence, like His hand touching them. These are people’s own experiences, which I didn’t notice. It was an incredible journey, but knowing that I wasn’t ready to share my gift to the world yet. I made a temple in my garden, called "Bless, Temple of Light". The temple carries a beautiful divine energy which helps me into the last phase of this journey.

One of the last sessions I gave made it clear for me that I was ready to share with you what I know. That person told me in tears what happened to her during the healing: "I saw things. Golden light came through me and I became big. My golden hands touching those I couldn’t forgive and told them with a deep voice I forgave them. The more I gave the more light came through me."
This was a true divine experience, which I hope many people will discover. I realized God truly exists and is about us. I was ready to start the next chapter in my life: Returning to the Essence of life. Sharing all I know, wherever I can.

Apart from this, I think I lead a very normal life. I went to University, studied Econometrics. I got married when I was 32. Unfortunately, we broke up after 8 years, but being blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, Lea and Sara, who inspire me every day. We love animals, so our house is filled with a Beagle, 4 cats in 3 generations and our little sparkle Pearl, the hamster.

My biggest dream: Inspire people to bring more light into the world!

I want to thank all the people who have helped me, as well as all the clients, who gave me insights into their lives.
Special thanks to Mario Veen, who is supporting me in my work, like a walking archive, through the past 9 years and my ex-husband Falk Heck who supported me since the divorce. And of course my kids, Lea and Sara, who were there with their unconditional love. Lea, as well, for designing the beautiful Mandala in my Temple. Bless you all!

Special Artikel

One day, when I was going through many initiations, I needed to contact Judith Moore. I didn’t know her. Within a day or 2 she gave me this reading, which made many things on a conscious level clear for me. Please read the reading if you are interested. Reading by Judith Moore

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