The Essence of Life

Do you know?

That every power is in you and you are yourself the light that needs to shine in the world!


The Essence of Life

The Essence of Life is to remember who you truly are, and I say remember, because you once knew who you were. You exist from the same source, the Light! The Light is God. I speak about God freely and not from religion. From what I have seen and experienced, God is beyond religion. God is the Divine Light that loves us all unconditionally. This is not a story about suffering and punishment. This is a story about Love and Light, a story about the truth. The only truth! This is about you! Who you truly are, is hidden in you. But on your journey, you forgot, and I am here to tell you: You are the same Light as God! You are His child, living on Earth. 

 God, The Divine Light

From my own experience, I can say that God’s light is incredible. It is so pure and clear, hard to imagine. It has qualities that can’t be analyzed. I will try to describe His power. The Divine Light doesn’t know any darkness. That means no anger, fear, pain, suffering, destruction, you name it. All things that make us feel bad. During my classes, I always mentioned that where there is light, there can’t be darkness. For example take the light bulb. If it shines, it’s not dark anymore. But in my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine what it really meant, until I experienced it. The moment I realized that God lives in me and I am the Light, situations I encountered, which made me emotional, sad, frustrated, angry were wiped away like they never existed. The Light really took away not only the emotional burden, but also the mental one. It is really incredible. It brings harmony in every situation! All this, made me realize that God truly exists and is actually our only savior. One day, God showed me He lived in everyone. I then saw God in everybody who passed me. This made me realize, God was there but not alive in them. God will come back to life when we remember who we are and make the Light our own. After all, God made man in His image.

The Way: Love

Living in His Light is only a shift in our conscious belief of love.

There is only one way to become the Light we truly are, and that’s through Love, unconditional Love. I have realized that love is the strongest energy there is to get to the Light. In my opinion, love conquers all. It is the only force that can break through all negativity. In fact, God’s love is around us all the time, we only need to open our hearts to receive it and let it guide us. The more we understand and integrate love in our lives, the more God’s Light can shine through us. It is our own choice: Do we want to continue to live our life in insecurity or do we want to live in His Light?

Life on Earth

Life here, on this planet, is not easy. We are confronted with so many things and have made this our reality. But life on Earth is the school for our soul. Everything we encounter is part of the lessons in this school. It is all a distraction from the truth. All the differences we encounter are part of our school task. I am going to share with you, what was for me, the biggest revelation about life on Earth: There is no justice at all in the world we live in. There are so many differences which we can’t comprehend. For example: A bad person can have a good life, whereas good people are suffering, creating a feeling of being punished. But life is not about these differences. In fact, these seemingly unfair differences will help us to grow into the Light. Only looking in our own mirror, will give us the opportunity to change our life. Holding on to things we see and experience, will hold us back and make us, unfortunately, suffer.

Forgiveness, acceptance and non judgement are the key ingredients to grow to a life in Divine Love and Light.

The Choice

We have a choice, at least, that is what we think. You can choose to suffer or free yourself. But from what I have seen, everybody is connected and carries the Divine Light. I strongly believe that everybody will discover that. When the majority has discovered it, the rest will follow. Then the choice is over. You will live from the only truth: Love and Light. We all will. That’s why I am so convinced that Harmony and Peace will prevail in time! God in us will not destroy the creation.



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